Food Industry #2


Company:  Change to Northern California Rice and Grains Distributor

Company Background:  This privately owned and family run company employs  approx  100  people  and  has  been  in  business  for 73 years. They  grow  many  different  varieties  of  rice  and  then  make  several  different  rice  products  in multiple  packaging  options  for  different  markets. They need to store and handle heavy pallets of rice bags and pallets of their products that are up to 72” high.

Key Technology:

  • Push back pallet rack system.
  • Air doors to keep pests out when roll up doors are opened.
  • Bollards and pallet upright protection.
  • Special kitting assembly area.

Business Challenges:

  • This company was running out of room with their existing facilities and also needed help rotating inventory by date code.
  • They had issues with insects when shipping doors were open.
  • In addition, This company needed a better method for handling small orders & samples for retail displays. 


  • Recommended and installed a series of pushback pallet rack systems at 3 deep; 4 deep and 6 deep to store more product. This solved their need for additional storage.
  • Recommended and installed Mars air doors to solve the insect issue. They were installed

With micro-switches and synchronized with existing  doors so that when doors were

Opened, the air doors immediately came on.

  • Furnished and installed column protectors to protect their new pushback rack investment
  • Helped design a special kitting area using spantrack mobile cells (carton flow) and Hytrol conveyor to more quickly fill the retail display & sample needs.

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