RCMH Biz Buzz

Here are this months responses to our customer survey:

March 2019

“You guys are great!  Keep up the good work!”

“Overall the experience rates a solid ‘A’.  I have had quick replies in all matters from beginning to end and a great installation.  I would only suggest Ross Clark to any potential interested party.  10+”

“You guys were great.  Scott was a huge help!”

” Haig was very helpful and moved along the process of purchasing (x12) M-dividers at a great price point.  The shipping went smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with the service we received from RCMH.  I would grade the experience as an ‘A’ without question and I have kept the RCMH contact for Haig in my records for future opportunities of business.  As far as referral, I can’t provide one at this time, but, if one should come up (based on need), I would be glad to provide them with RCMH’s information. Thank you and have a great week.”


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