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Here are the RCMH customer survey responses for:

May 2019

“Experience ‘A’.  Refer ‘Yes’ ’10′”

“Experience ‘A’. Likely to refer a  ’10’ “.

“I would absolutely refer Ross Clark to anyone interested but, I have no referrals at this time.’10’.

“Grade ‘A’ for service and delivery.  Everyone was very helpful.  I may need some more parts soon.  I’ll let you know.”

‘The last experience went well, so it deserves and ‘A’ and as far as referring someone else, I would gladly recommend anyone to RCMH and I would it as a ’10’.  It has always been a pleasure working with the RCMH team.”

“Hi Jane,  I would grade and ‘A’ for our last experience with RCMH.  I would also give a ’10’ (most likely) to refer.  Hope your day is great.”

“Experience a ‘B’.  Referal ‘Yes’ a ’10’.”

“Hi Jane,  What a nice touch.  It’s nice to be appreciated.  From the momement I walked in the front door I felt welcome.  Scott dit a really nice job.  I needed some older racks and he knew the inventory..  Was very accommodating when I needed them cut in half.  And, was concerned about my safety.  So, he had some welding done to make them safe.  Pick up went smoothly.  I transported the uprights in my horse slant horse trailer and could get in and out very easily..  Your yard is very well organized.

I own a company that services the  local business community and am active in three Chamber of Commerce’s. I would highly recommend Ross Clark.

And, in turn if you ever need help with anything in my world, we would feel honored to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.


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