Reel & Spool Storage


Company:  Nationwide Electrical Wholesale Distributor

Company Background: This RCMH Fortune 500 customer provides materials and supplies to national Electrical Contractors through their network of branches.  Their goal is to lower supply chain costs, improve efficiency and worker safety, all while reducing order processing time and improving customer service.

 Key Technology:

  • Exclusive 3-deep reel storage system with integrated empty reel and palletized product storage.
  • This technology uses pallet racking as the foundation of this uniquely designed system.
  • Components provide a vertical reel positioning system.

 Business Challenges:

  • The customer was storing reels on the floor and in traditional reel storage.
  • The floor storage of horizontal reels, as well as reel removal and movement to dispensing and winding machinery required significant amounts of time.
  • Potential for injury while repositioning reels was high.


  • A higher degree of efficiency was accomplished in storing and dispensing products.
  • Double handling of reels and moving them from a horizontal to a vertical position was eliminated.
  • This system provided significant improvements in efficiency and safety for employees which resulted in increased productivity and reduced injury potential.
  • Through the better use of space, the company gained additional ‘Sku’ locations.
  • The new system provided by RCMH allowed reels to be stored 3-deep.
  • It also allowed dispensing of up to 3 wire types per level, up to 6 wire types per bay.



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