Boltless Steel Shelving

New Boltless Shelving

You could call steel shelving a specialty of RCMH Material Handling because we can provide your warehouse with any size, type of shelving you require.  With boltless steel shelving we can provide Parts Shelving, Back Room Storage, Tire Racks, Battery Racks, Archive Storage or a complete Catwalk System.

Ideal for light to medium weight loads

  • Boltless construction allows for quick assembly
  • No diagonal brace means double entry access
  • Shelf sizes up to 96″ x 36″
  • Add on units available to link rows of shelving together
  • Special sizes designed for Archive storage

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Used Boltless Steel Shelving

Used Rapid Rack

Available Now!

$14.00 per shelf level including PB inserts

42″ x 18″  or  42″ x 24″  

Choose from 80″ to 20′ Height

Minimum 5 shelf levels

 Price Includes Particle Board Inserts


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