Cantilever Rack System

Cantilever Rack is perfect for lumber storage either dimensional or sheet goods, pipe storage of all sizes, furniture storage, flat stock or angle iron and specialty storage.  RCMH can help design the right system for your product requirements.

A multi-level steel cantilever rack system for hundreds of different types and sizes of products can improve your warehouse or yard’s efficiency.  Even specialty products which have high storage or high cube requirements can benefit from a cantilever rack system. Cantilever rack provides storage with freedom from upright column interference. We have both new and used in single and double sided.  These systems are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

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Cantilever Rack


Cantilever Rack

Galvanized Pipe

cantilever pipe single

Angle Iron

cantilever pipe 3


Cantilever Rack

Lumber – Dimensional or Sheet Goods

Cantilever Rack

Long Length Construction Products