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RCMH Case Studies…

Our case studies will walk you through the customer challenges, describe the key technology implemented and show the results of the project which achieved the customer’s goals.

Archive Storage

Company Background: This global company offers world-class products and services to medical professionals, employers and more than 55 million members through a group of leading companies providing comprehensive healthcare coverage,  and access to technologically advanced lab services.

Beverage Industry

Company Background: This beverage company is one of the largest northern California distributors of beer and related products. All of their facilities are growing and expanding their operations. They currently have 90+ employees, with annual revenues over 50 million.

Distribution Industry #1

Company Background: This company  is one the nation’s largest video, high-speed internet and phone providers for both residential and commercial users.  This world-wide company  recently earned 7.2 billion dollars in 2010.

Distribution Industry #2

Company: Large, Multiple Location, Chemical Supplier

Company Background: This Company is one of the world’s largest distributors of chemical products. They are also the parent company for landscaping irrigation supplies and landscape stones.  This corporation generates $2 billion in annual sales worldwide. RCMH has partnered with them  to integrate each of the sister companies and combine them to function under one roof as separate cost centers but share all inventory.

Distribution #3 – Reeled/Spooled Products

Company:  Nationwide Electrical Wholesale Distributor
Company Background: This RCMH Fortune 500 customer provides materials and supplies to national Electrical Contractors through their network of branches.  Their goal is to lower supply chain costs, improve efficiency and worker safety, all while reducing order processing time and improving customer service.

Food Industry #1

Company Background: This Company operates two business units. They have locations on the east coast, Midwest and west coast. Starting in 1981, shipments have grown to over 32 million pounds of specialty products.

Food Industry #2

Company Background:  This privately owned and family run company employs  approx  100  people  and  has  been  in  business  for 73 years. They  grow  many  different  varieties  of  rice  and  then  make  several  different  rice  products  in multiple  packaging  options  for  different  markets. They need to store and handle heavy pallets of rice bags and pallets of their products that are up to 72” high.


Company Background: This Company is a leading producer of value-added aluminum, steel, vinyl, and laminated products for original equipment manufacturers. Many products are sold through major home improvement centers, like Home Depot & Lowes.