Meet the New Flow Bed

FlowBed_InfeedGuide04_WM-300x200Over the course of the past fifty years, Unex Manufacturing has evolved alongside our customers in order to accommodate their changing needs and practices.

Flow Bed is designed for those who are looking to accommodate expanding and ever-changing inventories. It is perfect for operations in which product dimensions or locations frequently change.

This design has been amped up in our new Flow Bed, and offers even more advantages than our previous model.

We’ve doubled the amount of wheels in our redesigned Flow Bed. This greatly decreases the gaps between the wheels, allowing smaller cartons to easily flow alongside larger cartons. More wheels means an increase in the surface area upon which your products can flow, further limiting imprinting on your cartons and providing a far better flow. We have also increased the diameter of the Flow Bed wheel. This provides better restart for smaller, more light weight cartons. The design of the wheel hubs has been altered in order to reduce friction. This results in a much improved initial flow of your cartons.

Despite all the changes we’ve made to our Flow Bed, many of the things that make this an ideal carton flow solution have remained the same. “If it ain’t broke,” right? We still use a high density, polyethylene wheel pattern. This allows our Flow Bed to contact the product over a larger area, reducing imprinting and providing a better flow. Flow Beds axles are still retained in the track, eliminating the risk of pop outs that can hamper your product’s flow. We still provide compatible infeed guides, impact plates, and other accessories to improve the functionality of Flow Bed. Our heavy-duty side channels will still bring the strength and durability that our solutions are known for, and Flow Bed still boasts a capacity of fifty pounds per square foot. We’ve retained Flow Bed’s drop-in design in order to provide easy and convenient installation. Finally, we still back up our Flow Bed with our Seven Year Platinum Warranty. These changes come from years of experience in working alongside our customers in order to develop the best solution to their order picking issues. Our engineers utilize this experience in order to continuously upgrade and improve the solutions we provide. Unex’s redesigned Flow Bed pattern is now available for purchase.

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