Pallet Racks (N/U)

Expand Your Useable Storage Space. Low-cost pallet racking increases your useable storage space without expensive building expansion, maximizing all available space within your warehouse both horizontally and vertically. Pallet racks can hold pallets two, three, even four high without fear of crushing inventory. And the rack’s open design makes it easy for a forklift to access any load. Let RCMH help design your pallet racking system.


The RCMH Used Rack Division is a brand new expanded stocking facility in Rancho Cordova, California.
The Largest stocking used rack facility in Northern California, we provide used Interlake “teardrop” style and Interlake “new” style, all in stock and ready to ship. Our huge nationwide network enables us to make great buys in large quantities to stock our facility to the brim and bring tremendous savings to our customers.

Used Teardrop Pallet Rack Uprights
Teardrop pallet rack is the most common style of pallet racking in today’s market. Its unique design allows the beams to slide into place usually with no clips or other fasteners. Many different styles of used racking are compatible, providing options for configuring several makes of used pallet rack.

Used Interlake Pallet Rack Uprights
Interlake pallet rack is another very popular style of pallet racking. There are two types of Interlake pallet rack referred to as “new style” (ILN) and “old style” (ILO).

Miscellaneous Used Pallet Rack Uprights
In addition to the popular styles listed above, we carry several other styles and brands of pallet rack. If you are not sure what brand you have, please go to our handy rack guide for identification.

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