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Pallet Racking System

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There are a lot of advantages to a pallet racking system. Pallet storage allows you to stack items vertically, freeing up valuable space on your warehouse floor. Ross Clark Material Handling not only carries durable pallet shelves, but all other components of a pallet racking system . We’ll work closely with you to determine if pallet storage is the way to go. Then you can let us take care of providing your pallet shelves and every other part of your system.

Why Choose a Pallet Racking System?

A pallet racking system can provide you benefits you might not have ever considered. These are just a few of the advantages pallet storage could deliver for your company.

  • Expansion and addition convenience – You can easily add new pallet shelves to your system should the need arise. As your operations expand, a pallet racking system can expand with them. pallet storage can consist of just a one-tiered system at first, and then grow to a two-, three- or even four-tiered system down the road.
  • Access to SKUs – You can more easily access the SKUs that sit on your pallet shelves . A pallet racking system typically consists of several different bays that provide access to two rows at a time. This is an excellent solution for warehouses that have a lot of SKUs, but not a deep inventory of individual SKUs.
  • Perfect for bulk storage – Pallet storage makes it possible to efficiently store a high density of items. Whether you opt for a drive-thru pallet racking system, or a drive-in system, you’ll have a much more flexible, efficient set up.

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