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Cantilever Rack

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Have you ever considered switching to a cantilever rack system? There are a lot of benefits to doing so, and the professionals with Ross Clark Material Handling can help you decide, and also supply your cantilever shelves and any other components you may need. A cantilever racking system could help create more space and increase efficiency. Cantilever rack has helped a lot of companies, and it may help yours as well. Contact us to find out if a cantilever racking system is right for you.

How Cantilever Shelves Work

A cantilever rack system is a method for storing products that doesn’t require wire decks. Cantilever shelves are connected to vertical columns, freeing up space on a warehouse floor. A cantilever racking system is excellent for storing bulky, large items, such as lumber or long pipes that won’t fit using other types of storage methods.

Cantilever rack has four basic components. Here’s a quick look at each.

  • The base – A cantilever racking system has a base that connects to the floor. It provides supports for the towers on which cantilever shelves sit.
  • The towers – Also known as columns or verticals, the towers sit at the back of the cantilever rack system. They have to be very stable, or else that could lead to an injury risk.
  • The braces – A cantilever rack system as braces that connect to the tower. The width of the braces will depend on the size of the items to be stored.

Learn More About a Cantilever Rack System From RCMH

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