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Pallet Racking System

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Have you ever looked into a pallet racking system? Pallet storage is a very efficient, cost-effective way to create more space. At Ross Clark Material Handling, we’re experts in pallet shelves. If you think a pallet racking system is right for you, get in touch.

What is Pallet Storage?

A pallet racking system is, like the name implies, a way of storing items by using pallets. Pallet shelves are durable and very versatile. Pallet storage helps use space that would otherwise be wasted, helping you save money in the process. In most instances, forklifts are used to load and unload the pallet shelves, saving a lot of time and labor. A pallet racking system can fit your needs perfectly.

There’s actually more than one kind of pallet racking system. The most popular form of pallet storage is known as a “teardrop” system. One of the reasons is that teardrop pallet storage is very easy to assemble, and also makes it easy to mix and match items in any way you like.

Here are just a few of the components that make up a pallet racking system.

  • The uprights are the backbone of pallet storage . They provide the side supports for the area upon which the pallet shelves sit. You’ll find them in many different widths and heights.
  • Pallet rack beams are strong rails that connect the uprights. They also determine how wide your pallet racking system will be. Beams are adjustable as well, and can be removed very easily.
  • There are also a lot of accessories that can be used in your system as well. These include safety panels, spacers, pallet supports and many others.

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