Material Movement Control System (MMCS)

Are you a small to mid-sized company that has outgrown the limited capabilities of your accounting system? Are you looking for more robust, enterprise level inventory management and control, but don’t want spend $300K to $500K or more on solutions like Manhattan, HighJump or Red Prairie?Are you concerned that the more expensive software solutions will be so complex you will have to spend months on training and implementation and they won’t deliver the ROI that you require? Is there any way that you can reap the benefits of an inventory control system without having to experience these adverse effects? Yes, there is.

Ross Clark Material Handling offers the Material Movement Control System (MMCS), a powerful stock locator system that allows clients to enjoy many of the benefits of more sophisticated and costly inventory management systems. MMCS, in combination with any Enterprise system, delivers comprehensive business operations comparable to complex solutions costing tens of thousands of dollars more. Even though it delivers an enterprise level of inventory management and control, it is incredibly simple to use. There is no long learning curve or extended training period.

Implementing MMCS is fast and easy because it is a stand alone process and does not require complicated system interfaces. That means less disruption to your business and no drawn out conversion process. You can be up and running in thirty days. MMCS can support multiple bin locations, auto replenishment, pick verification and real time cycle counting. Finally, MMCS is upgradeable to a full feature Warehouse Management System (WMS) as you grow.

“Step Up to Excellence with RCMH and MMCS”

MMCS Features

  • Client/Server architecture with relational data base design
  • Windows Graphical User Interface with report writer package
  • “Off the shelf” RF PDA support with 802.11b hi-speed RF (Wi-Fi)
  • Real-Time computer directed RF task management
  • Can be upgraded to a Full Featured WMS when needed
  • Fast-track implementation with 24/7/365 technical support

MMCS Modules

  • Inventory and Replenishment Manager: The Inventory Manager module includes put away, material moves, cycle counting and inventory inquiry functionality. The Replenishment Manager monitors and directs the movement of stock from any reserve location to a primary bin location. It can operate in one of two modes: Planned or “Top Off” mode or Demand Request mode.
  • Fulfillment Manager: The Fulfillment Manager provides valuable functionality that assists pickers during order filling operations… Enhanced Replenishment, Real-Time Pick Verification, and Task Management. The Fulfillment Manager also provides the gateway to Enhanced Pick Operations with the Productivity Manager.
  • Productivity Manager: The Productivity Manager augments picker productivity during order filling operations. The primary functions of this module are: Cluster Picking of multiple orders at the same time and Batch Picking single line orders with an order quantity of one unit. The Productivity Manager is the gateway to other enhanced picking techniques.

MMCS Benefits

  • Ability to move, track and replenish inventories in primary bin and random reserve storage locations.
  • Manages open storage locations
  • Improves warehouse space utilization
  • Utilizes “license plate” barcode tags and wireless data collection devices
  • Ensures employee accountability
  • Does not require any programming changes to the client’s Host Computer
  • Seamless upgrade to a WMS whenever the need arises
  • Greatly increases inventory accuracies
  • Improves picking accuracies with pick verification capability
  • Provides real-time cycle counting
  • Provides automatic replenishment
  • Provides ability to utilize better material handling techniques, i.e. high density storage such as narrow aisle racking

Up and running in 30 days or Less !!!!!!

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