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It is proven that Conveyors can help your warehouse move to the right direction. This is why you are here. Learn the types of Conveyors we have.

Moving quickly with Conveyors

No matter what moves through your warehouse, you want it to move quickly and efficiently, right?

Consult with our Solutions Team to find out how your warehouse can move at its maximum speed with maximum productivity. Whether you’re packing, inspecting, sorting, assembling or testing, RCMH has a multitude of conveyor systems for you.

We Have the Following Conveyors Solutions:

  • Inclined
  • Trough Bed Belt
  • Slider Bed
  • Roller Bed Belt
  • Belt Driven Live Roller
  • Chain Driven Live Roller
  • Line Shaft Live Roller
  • Gravity Feed Roller
  • Skate Wheel


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Some Facts about Conveyors Systems


Conveyor systems are used in factories, warehouses and other industrial workplaces to transport materials. They are also used to move products from one place to another.

Conveyors can be classified into two types: continuous and intermittent. Continuous conveyors have a belt that moves continuously, while intermittent conveyors have a belt that moves intermittently.

A conveyor system is made up of four basic components: the drive mechanism, the belt or chain, the idler rollers or pulleys and the guide rails or slides.

Why Your Warehouse Needs a Conveyor Technology

conveyor busy lines

Conveyor belts are one of the most important parts of any warehouse. They are used to move goods from one location to another.

When it comes to choosing a conveyor belt, there are many things that need to be considered. The size, the durability and the type of conveyor belt all play a vital role in how well the belt performs.

The size of the belt is determined by how much weight it can hold and what kind of items will be traveling on it. Durability is also a key factor as this will determine how long your belt will last before needing replacement or repair, which can be costly for any business. Lastly, there are different types of belts available; some move horizontally while others move vertically or in a circular motion.