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The economical way to create a second or even a third level using your existing unproductive space. If you need to increase your space but can’t go out, go up!

Some Benefits of Mezzanines

They are many, but here we list some of our favorite perks:

What you can do and what we will do

A simple call is all that is necessary to receive a free quotation on your mezzanine requirements. Whether you need a visit by one of our local factory-trained representatives or supply us with a simple sketch of your requirements, our design team will provide an accurate and detailed proposal.

Are Mezzanines just for storage?

Mezzanines are not just for storage! The rigid frame design is perfect for in-plant offices, conveyor and equipment support systems, walkways or whatever you may need to be placed above floor level.

The design and use of light-weight, high-tensile materials allow users to simply bolt the system together. In most cases, you are able to install the Mezzanines over existing equipment or stored items.

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Where else Can I use Mezzanines?

The most common use for them is as a warehouse or storage space. This is because they take up less floor space than other options, such as a full-sized building or an extension.

Another popular use for them is offices, specifically for startups and small companies who don’t have the budget for an entire new building. These companies can put their employees on it and save money on rent while still being able to grow their business.