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Wire Decks

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Wire Decks

Strong, durable, clean, safe and easy to install. Galvanized wire decking is a crucial component in a space efficient warehouse. Whether you are putting together a small IMG_0796shelving unit or a warehouse wide system, RCMH can help you design and install the right wire decking for your specifications.


  • Dividers
  • Inverted Channels
  • Flue Space Dividers
  • Inside Waterfalls

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New Wire Decks

Specs for all items:  waterfall / 3-ch support for 1-5/8" step beams 
2.5" x 4" mesh / Gray paint finish

     SIZE                        CAPACITY

  24"D x 46"W              2950 lbs
  30"D x 52"W              2850 lbs
  36"D x 46"W              2500 lbs
  42"D x 46"W              2500 lbs
  44"D x 52"W              2600 lbs
  48"D x 46"W              2300 lbs

4 channel wire decks
  42"D x 46"W             3000 lbs  

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