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Modular Buildings

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Modular Buildings and In-plant Offices – Modular buildings use unused space within your existing warehouse by installing modular wall systems. These wall systems can be In-plant office at ground level with production or storage space above.  

The modular building can be also raised above ground with the use of a mezzanine which leaves the floor space available for whatever your warehouse might require. These modular buildings can be 2 stories in height, complete with stairways and landings.

With this product, Ross Clark Material Handling can help you avoid the inherent costs of moving to a new facility!

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Here are some of the Benefits, features and applications:

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More about them

Factories assemble and then transport them to the site. This process is much faster than the traditional building process.

Also, they can provide many benefits to its occupants. Factories build them with sustainability in mind. It means there will be less energy consumption, better indoor air quality, lower construction waste, and more efficient water usage.

Due to their many benefits, they are becoming more popular with developers, businesses and governments. Modular buildings are designed to be sustainable and efficient. Sustainable design is the use of natural building materials and renewable energy sources.