Pallet Rack Repair

Even when taking proper precautions, pallet racks can still be exposed to damage.   From minor deterioration to impending catastrophes, it is important to repair the racks as soon as possible to avoid further losses and to optimize efficiency. As such, routine inspections are advised to detect any issues.

If problems are noted, multiple options and configurations are available for rack repair.  One popular option is ‘repair in place.’  With it, disruptions to the workflow are minimized, as the entire rack does not need to be unloaded of its products. Many companies find this appealing due to the ability to keep other work on schedule.

To determine the best option, though, one should choose a vendor with the proper expertise to provide a thorough analysis of the situation. This will result in repairs appropriate for the specific circumstances, just as a medical specialist can sometimes give more guided care than a general physician.  Like the body, a warehouse is full of moving parts that affect each other.  Therefore, it makes sense to seek the most knowledgeable service provider available.

Another benefit to finding the best vendor is the possibility of protection for other areas of the warehouse or distribution center.  Some companies offer rack collapse prevention programs,  where they come into the warehouse and search for damage, structural integrity, and other functionality, as well as provide staff with training to make such inspections in the future.

Along with safety, rack repair also presents cost savings.  While new pallet racks typically come with a one or two-year warranty from the manufacturer, some repair products and applications offer a twenty-year warranty.  Some even cover forklift damage, which is a big selling point, considering that 80% of rack damage is to the bottom two feet of the upright. In addition, repaired rack can transfer insurance risks to the supplier or manufacturer, which can lower insurance premiums.

Consult with an expert to determine the best route for safety and savings.

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