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Permit, Design and Layout Service

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You are the most important in this Permit Processing Services. Customer Service is our Number one priority. We are your “one stop shop” providing you with complete project support, start to finish. By saving you time and money, we will assist you in staying competitive. That’s what our customer service is all about. Your confidence in our quality of service is important to us. Your business is our business.

Building Department and Fire Department Permit Services

In most warehouse projects or expansions, 40 percent of the time used pallet rack is involved in permit processing. RCMH provides full service permit processing and conflict resolution with fire and safety personnel. Our Permit Processor will give your project the utmost attention by obtaining original building plans as well as structural calculations from a licensed engineer to analyze the facility sprinkler systems and determine the correct usage compatibility for commodity classification and height support. We follow through with fire and safety departments to ensure your job goes smoothly.

Permit, Design & Layout

Analyzing your facility will reveal the best utilization options possible. As part of the process, our design team will analyze your facility and provide a CAD layout of the proposed design which will include recommendations for equipment and man power solutions. This will allow you to choose your options and plan your implementation schedule efficiently and in a timely manner.


The RCMH team comprises the total solution! Outfitting your existing or new warehouse may require de-installation of equipment and/or the installation of upgraded products. We can perform the labor necessary for implementation as well as being your products provider. Our commitment is always to minimize downtime. We’re just a phone call away. Call 1-800-471-7225.

Used Rack Division

RCMH Used Rack Division offers nothing less than top quality used material handling products at realistic prices. Our used rack team is constantly and aggressively scouring the country and working with our huge resource network to acquire the best products at the best prices. Doing this enables us to supply a complete line of used pallet rack in many styles and brands. The RCMH used rack facility has just expanded by several more acres to handle even more stock and is considered the largest in-stock facility in Northern California. We offer immediate shipping on all in-stock products.

Inside Sales

At RCMH, we take our business and yours seriously. Your call is important to us. Our Inside Sales Support Team works with our resources and suppliers to quickly get you product quotes, working out the logistics of product movement to assure you get the right materials on time. Contact us for pricing and availability on thousands of items. Call 1-800-471-7225.

Asset Evaluation

Do you know what your assets are worth? Careful assessment involving precise knowledge of equipment and fixtures in your facility is of fundamental help when it comes to decision making, determining insurance loss coverage as well as assessing capital and tax revenue management. To meet this requirement, RCMH has assembled a special team for warehouse asset evaluation, drawing on a staff of highly specialized experts, including case histories of evaluations carried out in numerous businesses.

This Service will help you:

  • Determine the replacement cost of your warehouse equipment and fixtures;
  • Be able to make informed capital management decisions

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Making the right choices in today’s market place is the only way to stay competitive. With the guidance of Don Benson, Warehouse Coach and Dean Paine, Professional Engineer, you will learn the latest, most efficient and effective products necessary to grow your operation to a new level. Don and Dean will listen to your needs and concerns, analyze your facilities’ potential and provide you with the right solutions for planning, implementation and cost justification.

What we Believe

RCMH believes in meticulous attention to the details of effectiveness and safety. This support team of technical and mechanical professionals is available to provide the level of quality required to accomplish engineering solutions for the most complex operations.  Every day, warehouse, supply chain, and logistics managers are responsible for getting material and information moved through their operations efficiently, safely and with high quality.  At the same time, they are expected to design and implement affordable changes to create measurable performance improvement. So how do they do both?

For 34 years RCMH professionals have been working with leaders, managers, and staff in supply chain, logistics and warehouse operations to clarify their goals, identify opportunities, develop appropriate solutions, and design and implement change.

If you are ready to explore new ways to improve the performance of your warehouse, distribution center or supply chain operation.

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