Refurbished Rack

The New Choice in Pallet Rack:  Refurbished Rack 

The more we can reuse and recycle materials, the better the future for our planet. People repurpose items like clothing, containers, and building materials with the intent of eliminating waste. For the warehouse industry, the opportunity to be part of the green movement comes in the form of refurbished pallet racks.  They are brought back to life to serve again in renewed capacities. 

Refurbished rack is the new way to save money while still guaranteeing quality product. New rack comes with a corresponding price tag, but refurbished rack is more budget friendly, offering an average savings of around 30%. 

However, it is important to buy the refurbished rack from a trusted source.  Pallet rack and shelving systems should accommodate customer-specific applications, product weight and dimensions of products, as well as the building location. Items to consider when purchasing refurbished rack include building department and fire department permit requirements , the type of products which will be stored in the building and an evaluation of the sprinkler system, among others. 

With the proper assessment of the warehouse needs, a vendor with expertise can help select the ideal refurbished rack and deliver quality and savings.

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