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Safety Inspection and Rack Collapse Prevention

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As the saying about safety goes: Better safe than sorry! 

Prevent serious warehouse accidents caused by rack overloading, damaged uprights or safety connectors. 

Also, the video below shows a Rack Collapse. Please, watch it.

The Ross Clark Material Handling team will inspect your warehouse. 

They will identify any unsafe components and list specific precautions to prevent future incidents.

Benefits of Safety Inspection and Rack Collapse Prevention

  • Free inspection for upright damage, structural integrity, overloaded beams, safety clip functionality and general equipment safety;
  • We will train your personnel on how to inspect for future capacity or safety concerns;
  • Save the hidden costs of a collapse involving safety or structural failure;
  • Avoid possible risk of injury to personnel or customers;

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Importance of Rack Collapse Prevention

First, rack collapse is a very dangerous event for the company. It can cause significant damage to the equipment, as well as harm to people in the area.

Second, rack collapse prevention is important because it helps prevent rack from collapsing and causing damage. There are many ways to reduce rack collapse risk, and it is important for companies to take appropriate measures to avoid such incidents.

Third and equally important, the cost of fixing injuries and property losses can be costly for companies. If a company does not take precautions to prevent rack collapse, it could result in more harm than if the company had taken appropriate measures to reduce the chance of such an event their otherwise messy work spaces.

Benefits of Having a Rack

It allows the company to store items without cluttering up their work space and they do not have to spend time on finding a place to store their items. This is a cost-effective solution for companies because they are able to save money and pain in the long run. In terms of safety, racks reduce the chances of accidents due to objects falling or moving on their own by providing an area that is not accessible for the user.