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Span Track

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Span-Trac installs between beams of any pallet rack. 

Requires no shelving or intermediate supports.

Some Span-Track Features

– Product always at pick face. No hang-ups or dead space

– Place hangers on beams. Add track. Nests between front and rear beams to maximize vertical space

– Available for step, structural and formed beams. Front hanger acts as a front end stop. Rear hanger absorbs shock of impact loading. Both have built-in label holders

– Galvanized steel side channels, 3/4″ diameter aluminum rollers require No Maintenance or Replacement

– 3′ to 12′ lengths available
– 6″, 9″, 12″ and 15″ nominal widths

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Span-Track Flow Rack

It is a type of storage system for industrial and commercial inventories. It is designed to store products vertically, in rows, on a continuous track.

This rack design can be used to optimize warehouse space by stacking the same product types on top of each other.

The benefits of this this system are that it saves time, reduces costs, and increases efficiency. This system is also scalable and can be used in any size warehouse.

Span-Track Flow Rack

Span-Tracking helps reduce the amount of space needed for storage and allows companies to optimize their warehouse space by only storing products that are needed at the time.

It is also more efficient due to the reduction of idle inventory. Inventory can be stored according to demand, resulting in less unsold product, which will improve profits and reduce the amount of waste.

This system can be as high as 50 feet tall with a load capacity up to 80 tons or more. The track is usually made from steel and the racks are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel.