Beverage Industry

Company: Large Beverage Distributor

Company Background: This beverage company is one of the largest northern California distributors of beer and related products. All of their facilities are growing and expanding their operations. They currently have 90+ employees, with annual revenues over 50 million.

Key Technology:

  • Multiple reconfigurations to meet the growing volume and number of products.
  • Custom select racking for bulk case picking.
  • Case picking flow rack for individual picking.
  • Security and safety wire cages.
  • Clear path safety guard rail.

Business Challenges:

  • Increase warehouse efficiencies without labor increases.
  • Provide “quick change” flexibility for changes in market demand.
  • Maintain cutting edge technology for maximum productivity.


  • Developed a system of efficiency and accountability for breakage, draft and point-of sales products.
  • Doubled the case pick rate by streamlining the warehouse layout and improving the storage density.
  • Insured all changes maintained or improved the safety of the warehouse personnel.
  • Ross Clark Material Handling was able to provide the expertise and service to become the primary on-site consultant to keep them competitive.

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