Company Overview

Who Is RCMH?….  Let’s talk!

Ross Clark Material Handling was founded in 1983 and has been bringing a high level of service to the industry for over 33 years. Today, RCMH’s Solutions Team is known for quick response, exceptional quality and follow-up to all our customers. We create solutions that improve productivity, increase capacity and space. We will provide you with more choices to bring you the most cost effective solutions for your specific requirements.

We are your diversified SOLUTIONS TEAM 

supporting you through the 21st century with

Premium American Made Products.

Our Mission
The objective of RCMH Material Handling and Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. is to be a customer driven, innovative company providing the best products, solutions, and customer service attainable in the industry today with a commitment to on-going improvement.

Collectively our sales team has 250 years of knowledge and experience.   That sounds amazing to you,  I know, but consider this.   Along with the combined years of sales experience, our sales team came to us with 15 to 40 years of experience doing what you do as managers of warehouses, distribution centers or manufacturing facilities.

250 years of experience in:


Why Settle for less? Buy from the best!

Here’s just a few of the things you can expect from all the RCMH Team Members.

If you contact us, we will return your call or email within 2 hours or less.  We respect that your time is valuable.  We will visit your location for project review and be on the jobsite to project manage start to finish.

RCMH has a 3 acre facility with product on site or conveniently available.  We don’t broker goods and we won’t sell you anything we don’t have access to.  If we don’t have it, we’ll tell you how we can get it for you.

Our top priority is to foster trust based relationships with our customers so, we give honest and fair quotes for quality goods and services.

We honor our commitment and we do what we say we’ll do.  All RCMH sales engineers wear dress shirts and ties because we are professionals.  We believe you deserve our best!

To facilitate a smooth process with your project, we are proud to over the services of a full time compliance specialist who can handle design and layout and your building department or fire code permitting.

We value your business!