Company:  Central Valley Food Processor

Company Background: This Company operates two business units. They have locations on the east coast, Midwest and west coast. Starting in 1981, shipments have grown to over 32 million pounds of specialty products.

 Key Technology:

  • Carton flow picking system integrated in the bulk storage system.
  • Push-back pallet storage system.
  • Selective pallet rack and carton system.
  • Custom designed wire woven product fall protection system.

Business Challenges:

  • Significantly reduce multiple product handling to accommodate shipping and receiving.
  • Develop a more compact storage system, without losing product visibility.
  • Design a pick and replenishment strategy to maximize labor use, and minimize error rates.


  • Created and implemented a storage layout, separating order picking personnel and replenishment fork lift traffic.
  • Developed a velocity & volume pick location system, maximizing single and multiple case fulfillment process, maintaining first in- first out product flow.
  • Substantially increased the overall operation to handle a more than double increase in business volume.

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