Order Analysis and Planning System (OAPS)



New Software Improves Ability To Optimize Order Flow & Workload Balancing

The Order Analysis and Planning System (OAPS) is a rate-based workflow analysis tool that provides for the optimized processing of orders and workload balancing among various resources in a distribution center or warehousing environment. OAPS optimizes the picking, packing, and shipping workloads adhering to constraints imposed by the various resources and workflows.

The dependencies between resources (manual or automated) and schedules are evaluated to generate balanced workloads based on user configurable resources, rates and deadlines (pick, pack, assemble, sort, convey, etc.). Various configurable rules are available to create appropriate priorities to consider during the optimization process. The options are provided to achieve optimum resource utilization, order throughput, or both. In addition a “What If” mode is provided to allow repeated analysis while changing operational variables.

OAPS outputs a comprehensive set of inquiries/reports for workload summarization and the orders are sequenced to accomplish best utilization of resources and/or throughput, while adhering to the constraints driven by the order mix, available resources, and labor rates.

OAPS can be used as a standalone planning tool or as an adjunct planning tool to a Host Legacy or WMS/WCS system.

Key Features

  • User configurable
    • Priority Rules
    • Warehouse Map, Zones, Work Areas
    • Resources, Rates,
    • Deadlines, Workflow
  • Workload Summarization
  • Instant resource projections
  • “What If” Analysis
  • Orders Sequenced to accomplish best utilization of resources and throughput
  • Standard set of comprehensive Reports
  • Standard Interfaces
  • Rapid implementation
  • Latest technologies: Oracle, Java

Key Benefits

  • Accurate Representation of Execution Environment
    • Resources, Constraints
    • Rates
    • Workflows
    • Value Added Processes
    • Deadlines
  • Able to handle simple to complex operations
  • Automates Wave Planning and Order release for execution
  • “What If” mode to support operational changes
  • Payback typically in less than one year
  • Enhances ERP and WMS Order Processing with minimal cost and risk

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