Permit Processing

Guidance for Obtaining Building and Fire Department Permits

Before purchasing pallet racks and shelving, building department and fire department permits must be in place for legal installment.  Many consumers need help choosing the correct materials to obtain the proper building permit.  For instance, steel requirements will be affected by the building’s proximity to the nearest seismic fault. Companies may find it difficult to navigate the various gauges of steel, structural reinforcement, and special connection pins. Consumers may also request assistance in determining if the fire department requires a high pile storage permit, chemical or hazmat classification reports, as well as an evaluation of the sprinkler system.

Jumping through these necessary hoops may take up inordinate amounts of time.  In some cases, being unfamiliar with racking permits can eat away 100 or more work hours that could be better spent elsewhere.  By employing compliance specialists (rather than permit processing by currier service), the experts can assist with changes that need to be made, if any.

A compliance specialist can save a company money, as well as time, as code knowledge can lead to a reduction of fees.  If looking at a new location, the specialist can assess the building before buying or leasing, warning of any needed upgrades and possible expenses.

Rather than taking on the burden of permits alone, seek out knowledgeable professionals who can minimize the risks, time, and costs often associated with this undertaking.

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