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Get your warehouse organized

Struggling with a lack of storage space? Used pallet racking might be the perfect solution for you. Used pallet racking is durable, cost-effective, and available now. Get organized with used pallet racking.

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Whether you need a few shelves or an entire warehouse, we have used pallet racking for your business. With great pricing, our RCMH team is here to help you find what you need.

Useful information about our Used Pallet Racking

  • Used pallet rack prices are subject to change with market fluctuations. 
  • Availability is subject to prior sale. 
  • Ask about used material in acquisition.


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We invite you to call about large quantity discounts:

ILO192″ X 36″ – 3×3 –  seismic footplate 
ILO240″ X 42″ – 3×3 – 14ga  – w/5×8 footplates 
ILO264″ X 42″ -3×3 –  12ga. w/SMC footplates 
ILO96″ X 3.25″ 
ILO96″ X 3.75″ 
ILO96″ X 4.5″ w/3/4 step 


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More about Them

Pallet racking is a type of storage system that is used in warehouses to store products in a systematic way. It helps to organize the warehouse by storing the same kind of products together, and also helps with space management.

It is beneficial because it can be used to store multiple types of products and it saves time because it saves on the time needed to find items. Used Racking also reduces risk for workers because they don’t need to climb up high shelves for items that are stored at the top.

This product is a cost-effective option for businesses looking to store their goods. It is an alternative to new pallet racking, which is more expensive.

The benefits of used pallet racking include:

– Cost-effective: They are cheaper than new racks.

– Quicker and easier to install: The installation process of used racks is quicker and easier.

– Durable: They are built for heavy duty use, so they can withstand the weight of goods on top of them