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High-Density Storage

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Ross Clark Material Handling helps you maximize your space with High-Density Storage System. Please read our Design Features below.

Design Features

Low Profile Design

Pipp mobile storage systems are the lowest profile on the market – only 2-7/8″ from the floor to the bottom of the shelving – and have a fully adjustable ADA (American with Disabilities Act) conforming track.

Very Low Cost

With every system you get outstanding value and exceptional performance.

Five year Product Warranty

All Pipp mobile systems come with an exclusive five-year product warranty to ensure quality and reliability.

Simple Installation

No deck is required when installing, moving, or reinstalling a Pipp mobile storage system.


Shelving and carriage sizes can be mixed to accommodate different applications within the same system.

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More Facts about High-Density Storage System

A high-density storage system is a system that stores a large number of products in a small space. You can achieve it by stacking the products on top of each other in the same way that you can stack bricks to create a wall.

Also, this kind of storage system has many advantages when it comes to productivity in warehouses. The most important one is that it allows workers to access any product they need. They do not have to move other products out of their way, which saves time and reduces the risk of accidents occurring. 

Another advantage is that it increases efficiency. You can store all products at eye level and access them quickly without having to walk around the warehouse floor.

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