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Hoppers are ideal for heavy processing, scrap yards, and other functionalities.

Hoppers Characteristics

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What is a Self-Dumping Hopper?

A Self-dumping hopper is a container you use to store the material that is being processed. You can fill it with sand, slag or other materials.

The hopper is usually mounted on the front of a machine and it allows the operator to add material to the machine while it is operating. Operators can fill the hopper from an opening at the top by or by gravity when it has been tipped up so that its bottom opening faces upwards.

The self-dumping hopper is just one of many tools that can help your business stay organized and efficient. As a whole, you can use Self-dumping hoppers to dump materials onto conveyor belts, as well as offloading them into containers or other equipment.

Bumper Release

A Bumper Release has essential roles for Self-Dumping Hoppers. A Bumper release is a mechanism that helps in releasing the hopper from the truck. You can also know it as a self-dumping hopper with bumper release. 

In order to prevent the hopper from falling from the truck, You attach a bumper on a rod that projects out of the top of the hopper. When working with such materials as coal or steel, there is a possibility that it will fall onto workers and cause injuries. Indeed, a Bumper release allows you to dump these materials without having to lift or detach them.

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