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Moulding Racks

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Switch to metal moulding racks and manage your inventory better. 

Metal racks provide cleaner, neater storage, causing less inventory damage. 

They are sturdier than wood racks and they take up less space. 

Set-up is versatile with adjustable divider arms on 2″ centers. 

Racks are easy to move if you relocate.

moulding racks

Store up to 50% more with metal moulding racks!

Metal moulding racks have more benefits than wood racks!

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More about them

People use Moulding racks to create a mould that defines the shape of a product. They also use moulds to create in two halves that are then joined together with bolts.

Metal moulding racks are used for storing metal and other materials in a safe and organized way. People can be customize them to meet the needs of different industries, which is why they are so popular. 

What kind of material can moulding racks be made of?

Wood, plastic, or even concrete can be used to make them. However, the best material for moulding Racks is metal

Different material types have different levels of durability and strength.

Wooden ones can be cheaper than metal ones but they are not as durable and strong. The metal ones can last longer.

What size of moulding racks are there?

There are many different sizes, but the most common sizes are:

– 24″ x 24″ x 60″

– 36″ x 36″ x 60″