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Storage Cabinets

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Ever felt like your warehouse is overflowing? 

Did you know that Storage Cabinets are designed to store materials and products, keeping them organized and easy to find? 

With a variety of colors and styles, Ross Clark Material Handling has the perfect Storage Cabinets solutions for you!

Multi-Use Cabinets

storage cabinetsWhether you’re looking for supply storage cabinets or gas cylinder cabinets, RCMH can help equip your warehouse. 

We understand the need for making the most out of your warehouse space. 

What Our Storage Cabinets Store

That’s why we offer solutions for storing paints and inks, hazardous waste, steel drums and gas cylinders. 

Cabinets are stackable, mountable and durable. We can also create a custom cabinet system with your specific needs in mind.

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