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Security Cages

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Ross Clark Material Handling can accomplish virtually any configuration for your security cage or wire enclosure needs.  

From Pallet Rack Safety Systems to Bicycle or Storage Lockers and Tool Cribs to Machine Guarding, we can design and layout a product to meet your specific requirements.

Challenge Solution involving Security Cage

Please visit our February Featured Story on the RCMH Bizz Buzz page to see how we provided a solution to one of our customer’s complex challenges.  Below is a sneak peek.

Rigid, easy to install and completely secure, these partitions are an excellent investment for any warehouse. Whether you need a complete security cage with walls and ceiling panels or simply a hinged door, RCMH can outfit you.

What we can provide

Limitless Possibilities from woven or welded mesh standard or custom locks, standard or heavy duty construction.

More Perks about Security Cages

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How Security Cages can help in a Warehouse

Security cages are a type of enclosure that you can use to protect products and goods in a warehouse. People can use them to store high-value items and goods, as well as products that you want to keep away from the public eye.

Security cages are often made of metal bars, which you can lock or unlock with a key. They typically have reinforced walls and doors, which you can be open with either a key or an electronic passcode. Security cages typically have small windows so that workers can see what’s inside the cage without opening it up.