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Load Positioners

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Load Positioners

Load Positioners bring ergonomic advancement to the loading process which uses pallets as the conveyor. Worker fatigue is reduced, safety is improved and situations which can lead to back injuries or damage to sensitive products are virtually eliminated. Typical applications are in manufacturing, processing and distribution.

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It’s NEW! It’s Round! and It Has a 360° work area!

How can this benefit you and your workers?  Read what  Mike Schroeder  has to say!

Even More…It’s Ergonomic!

The new full 360° access makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier because it lets the your worker step even closer to the unit’s platform, for the best access to palletized loads.

The PalletPal can accommodate loads from 400 – 4,500 lbs, depending on which of five spring combinations are chosen by You!  If your products change, the unit can be easily adapted in your facility by changing the spring combination!