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Are you ready to reconsider your pallet racking system? Then you should contact Ross Clark Material Handling. We have more than three decades of experience in pallet storage in Chico – CA.

No matter what kind of pallet racking system you may need, we’ll be ready to help. We not only carry Chico pallet shelves but also all the other components as well. Our professionals will be glad to help you find the right pallet storage solution.

Is a Drive-Thru Pallet Racking System in Chico – CA Right for You?

Many companies find that a drive-thru pallet racking system meets their needs perfectly. As the name implies, this type of pallet storage in Chico CA typically involves a forklift operator driving to a specific entry point. This will be where pallet shelves in Chico CA will be loaded. When Chico pallet shelves need to be unloaded, the operator goes to the exit point.

A drive-thru pallet racking system works on a First-In, First-Out, or FIFO, principle. The FIFO system for pallet storage in Chico CA simply means that the first pallet loaded on one end will be the first removed from the other end. This is an excellent system for storing items that come on and off pallet shelves in Chico CA quickly, as well as for perishable items.

There are several different types of drive-thru Chico pallet racking systems. But all of them have advantages. This method of pallet storage provides an efficient way to separate picking and loading aisles and also helps ensure accuracy. Workers will always unload the first pallet in the Chico pallet storage system, reducing the chances of mistakes.

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