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Choosing the best pallet racking system doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is contact Ross Clark Material Handling, and we’ll help you determine the best solution regarding pallet storage. We can provide you with all the parts and accessories you need, including Redding pallet shelves and many others.

When you partner with us, your pallet racking system will not only increase your efficiency, it will also boost your bottom line. With our 100% success rate regarding permit processing since 2004, you can turn to us for the design, installation, and permitting of your pallet rack storage system projects.

Companies of all sizes rely on us for all of their pallet storage needs. Whether you’re looking for the highest quality pallet shelves or anything else, we’ll be here for you.

(In Redding) Which Pallet Racking System Will Work Best For You?

You have several options when deciding on a pallet racking system. One type of pallet storage might work better than another for your specific situation. Here are just a few of those options.

  • Cantilever pallet racking system – This type of pallet storage is best for items that are long or oversized, such as pipes or timber. The pallet shelves sit on a base that can either be attached to a wall or stand on its own.
  • Push back pallet storage  – As the name implies, a push back pallet racking system is one where pallets placed in the back are pushed forward, as the forward pallets are removed. The principle of this pallet racking system is similar to buying milk at the grocery store. When you take a gallon container from the front, the rest of the containers are pushed forward.
  • Pallet flow – This system uses rollers and gravity to move products. Workers load items from the rear of pallet shelves. The shelves sit at a slight angle, so products slide forward to the front.

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