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Reel Storage

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Reel storage has become essential to many industries, from manufacturing to entertainment. It involves storing large, circular objects, typically plastic or metal. Reel storage systems are designed to maximize the use of space while also ensuring the safety and easy accessibility of the reels.

Vertical Reel Storage

  • Three deep vertical reel storage with empty reel and pallet storage.
  • Eliminate repeated manual handling of spools.
  • Improve efficiency in storing and dispensing spooled products.
  • Save time and floor space.
  • Allow for 3-deep dispensing and horizontal storage.

Case Study

Company:  Nationwide Electrical Wholesale Distributor

Company Background: This RCMH Fortune 500 customer provides materials and supplies to national Electrical Contractors through their network of branches.  Their goal is to lower supply chain costs, improve efficiency and worker safety, all while reducing order processing time and improving customer service. 

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