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You have just taken the first step to increasing Warehouse Storage and Efficiency by 30% to 100%. The information you requested is on it’s way! If you don’t receive it in the next 5 minutes, please check your spam folder. It has been sent by Ross Clark.

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If you are out of space in your current facility and you do not want to move,
this information applies to you.

1. Address the dead inventory taking up space in your warehouse.
   a. Do you have outdated stock?
   b. Are returned items being kept for parts, ‘just in case’?
   c. Do you have items sitting around that just have not been dealt with?
2. Make sure your warehouse is laid-out with aisle dimensions that match your current needs.
   a. Are you using traditional forklifts for all functions and in all areas where narrow-aisle lifts could be utilized to save significant space?
   b. Are your hand-picking processes occurring in the same space as full pallet picking, resulting in wider forklift aisles than necessary?
3. Eliminate the dead air space in your system.
   a. Are all your bays of racking the same width, and built for the exception rather than the size of the majority of your products?
   b. Are you storing half-height pallets in full pallet locations?
   c. Do you store cartons on pallet shelves that are not maximizing height and/or depth of storage space that they occupy?
   d. Do you have shelves full of bins that store more air that product?
4. Ensure that your storage fixtures are correct for your products and the type of picking you do.
   a. Do you store slow moving cartons on pallet shelves?
   b. Do you have fast moving cartons stored on static shelving?
   c. Are there odd sized items laid out on pallet shelves?
5. Store your inventory in locations that minimizes footsteps and forklift travel time.
   a. Do you store frequently picked small items near pack-out or staging areas?
   b. Are your highest volume inventory items located on pallets near inbound and outbound doors?

The goal of any warehouse system is to provide efficient and cost-effective storage to manage inventory requirements.

The Key is to Understand Your Needs and Plan Accordingly.
Or…Make Changes as Necessary.

With warehouse design and reconfiguration,

“One Size Does Not Fit All”

This is where RCMH becomes an important part of your team!  We will meet with your warehouse manager and staff and to assess your space, examine your goals and make recommendations for improving your Warehouse Space Utilization.  
-Our job is to share our experience and knowledge while providing insights on how to     improve warehouse performance.
-Our goal is to increase your profits by providing the best storage solutions with the lowest overall cost.

With over 40 years in business, our professional sales team members have received weekly training in product knowledge and warehouse design.  Most importantly, they have learned by “EXPERIENCE”.  Each member of the Solutions Team has either owned or managed a business with distribution needs. They have experienced your pain and know how to cure it!

If you would like to learn more about some of the specific ideas and solutions that we use to benefit our customers and their bottom line, CONTACT US TODAY!

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