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Warehouse Evaluation

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With a staff of enumerable years of combined experience, the Ross Clark Material Handling team can quickly evaluate your current space for better utilization which will make more space available in your warehouse.

Areas that we explore

During the warehouse evaluation, we explore warehouse design for workflow, inventory control systems and space consolidation. The team includes a licensed P.E., a software specialist and a systems integrator.

What we evaluate

We evaluate the effectiveness of your process, software and hardware as needed. This procedure covers a multitude of steps to insure that you get the maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Warehouse Evaluation

  • Improved inventory control
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Improved equipment utilization
  • Eliminate relocation costs
  • Better product flow and resource management


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Who we are

RC Logistics Consulting formed to partner with leaders of mid-sized companies to improve their logistics performance and increase the value and market position of their organizations.

As senior practitioners with a broad range of management and logistics consulting experience, we have what you need to successfully implement strategic and operations change in all aspects of your logistics function.

Our deep experience with private sector consumer and industrial goods companies, and telecommunications organizations and power utilities ensures design and implementation plans are appropriate for improving your logistics operations.

Our Mission

Ensure that operations improvements support the company strategic objectives;
Also, improve the flow of materials and related information from source to customer, in ways that satisfy the unique requirements of each client.

High Leverage Opportunities

Strategic – Successful companies stake out unique positions in their marketplaces.  The challenge is to clarify that position. After that, ensure the organizational structure and existing resources and investment support and solidify that position.  Logistics can make a strategic contribution to securing your market position.

 – We work to optimize the performance of existing resources and, if as indicated, recommend and support the implementation of new staff, information systems, equipment or facilities to meet the needs of your company and your customers.

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