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We have the privilege to serve our customer in San Jose – Ca area! We are so happy to see our partners thrive in their businesses! 

We want to help more people to organize their companies as well. This is why we ask: Have you considered new shelving for your warehouse racking system? Many companies find it’s the perfect warehouse storage solution .

Ross Clark Material Handling has the right warehouse racking system for your needs as well your budget. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the best possible warehouse storage solution.

The Best Warehouse Racking System in San Jose – CA

At RCMH, we have more than 40 years of experience helping customers find the perfect warehouse racking system. 

You might think we’d assume we know everything about every warehouse storage solution , but we never stop learning. We’re experts in every warehouse racking system, but we still go through two hours of training each and every week. 

That way, you can trust us 100 percent when we recommend a warehouse storage solution.

Is Shelving the Right Warehouse Storage Solution?

You might not immediately think of shelving as part of a warehouse racking system, but it can really help you save space – and as a result, help you save money. For example, it’s a great warehouse storage solution for automotive parts distributors.

These are just a few of the different types of shelving we carry.

  • Bolt-less shelving – This is an excellent way to store light- to medium-weight loads such as hand-stacked items. They’re also easy and fast to assemble.
  • Gondola shelving – This is a sturdy, durable type of shelving that includes accessories such as shelf dividers, grid panels, baskets, and more.
  • Rivet rack shelving – Rivet rack shelving is typically used to store archived records. It can handle high-density items, such as books and boxes of files, and is very inexpensive.

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