WMS Basic Training

Advanced program for selecting and implementing a Warehouse Management (WMS) and Warehouse Controls (WCS) System

WMS Basic Training Program is a new program being offered by RCMH Material Handling (RCMH) that is designed to prepare a company with the knowledge and methods required to proceed with successful selection and implementation of a Warehouse Management (WMS) or Warehouse Controls Systems (WCS), while minimizing business risk and overall project cost. The program is designed to last between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the client’s readiness and operational complexity. Upon program completion you will have a comprehensive understanding of the required resources, tasks, project time line and budgetary costs. Your project team will be equipped with the knowledge, methods, and tools to successfully select and implement the right WMS/WCS solution.

This program is targeted to companies considering a WMS that have little to no WMS selection or implementation experience.

RCMH has a team of experienced professionals specializing in the selection, design and implementation of WMS and WCS systems. For further information concerning this program, please contact Dean Paine at 209.743.7844.

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