The Warehouse Coach Advantage

Your Task and Challenge
Every day, warehouse, supply chain, and logistics managers are responsible for getting material and information moved through your operations efficiently, with high quality, and safely. And, at the same time, you are expected to design and implement changes to create measurable performance improvement. So how do you do them both?

Your Opportunity
Successful warehouse managers make it a practice to set goals and work every day to improve their personal performance and that of their organizations. There are lots of ways to achieve these goals. Often the first question is where to start; which performance area is most important. And then in the selected performance area, the next question is where to start.

Warehouse coach process
Our work together will be challenging, full of opportunities to learn, and to celebrate success. Our starting place will be with you – exploring, defining and clarifying your goals, for you, for your warehouse or distribution center, and for your company, how you make decisions, and in developing a plan for change.

We will begin with learning to look at your world through several new different and useful lenses, discovering how the way we currently look at our world limits our options for change. We will then begin to explore your opportunities and issues to discover new priorities, and approaches to introduce and implement change. We will then explore how you make decisions. This will be a challenging exploration in that how we make decisions has a direct impact in the effectiveness of our work.

We will then work through selecting an option to work on next, deciding where to start, and then mapping out a plan that will include steps for you and for your organization to achieve your goals.

My responsibility will be to support you in each step, and when appropriate to provide information about the many dimensions of improving distribution center and supply chain performance.

If you would like to talk about your goals or operations challenges, and how we might work together, please contact me at 800-471-7225 or for more information go to Check this site often for information on ongoing workshops and monthly newsletter updates.

Don Benson, Professional Engineer

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